Tuesday, October 25, 2005


"What's coming?"

"My poop!"

"Well go to the bathroom?!"

"Oops, sorry Mommy."

When given an immediate admission or apology a mommy always knows something bad has happened or is happening. As I'm leaving the kitchen to find my son I see him holding his behind looking at me with horror. You guessed it! HE didn't make it. His stomach seemed to have exploded all over himself, the floor, and the bathroom. By the time the "incident" was all over we'd both stepped in it, touched it, cried, and yelled at each other. And boy did he STINK!

So when all was calm and smelling like dial soap I asked him, "Why didn't you just go to the bathroom?"

"I wanted to know the last clue."

"What clue?"

"Blue was about to find the last clue."

"You mean you went to the bathroom all over yourself and our house to see a clue on Bluesclues?"


Note to self: Ban Bluesclues from my house.

When was the last time YOU put something off and it blew up in YOUR face or house? LOL!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Sugar Highs

Lately my son loves to cook. We cook everything from cookies to dinner together, which requires a GREAT deal of patience I pull from somewhere. This weekend we made our traditional pumpkin cupcakes using lots of food dye and sugar. Evident ingredients when watching my son AFTER eating the cupcakes-- ahhhh!! He ran around in tiny circles for about ten minutes shouting, "Look at me, look at ME!"

Once again, I surprised myself after being covered in primary colored icing and flour but I absolutely love doing these things with my son. I love every minute of being a mom and sharing my creativity with him in even the smallest pockets of life. And I do know, and sort of accept, that one day he will no longer want to do these things with me. So sparing a little patience soon seems like a small sacrifice.

What do your kids like to do with you? What do YOU llike to do with THEM?

What Is This?

This is actually a picture I took this weekend. I left the flash open too long, changed a setting, and I got some crazy photos. I'll post the real picture soon... any guesses?