Monday, October 24, 2005

Sugar Highs

Lately my son loves to cook. We cook everything from cookies to dinner together, which requires a GREAT deal of patience I pull from somewhere. This weekend we made our traditional pumpkin cupcakes using lots of food dye and sugar. Evident ingredients when watching my son AFTER eating the cupcakes-- ahhhh!! He ran around in tiny circles for about ten minutes shouting, "Look at me, look at ME!"

Once again, I surprised myself after being covered in primary colored icing and flour but I absolutely love doing these things with my son. I love every minute of being a mom and sharing my creativity with him in even the smallest pockets of life. And I do know, and sort of accept, that one day he will no longer want to do these things with me. So sparing a little patience soon seems like a small sacrifice.

What do your kids like to do with you? What do YOU llike to do with THEM?


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