Tuesday, October 25, 2005


"What's coming?"

"My poop!"

"Well go to the bathroom?!"

"Oops, sorry Mommy."

When given an immediate admission or apology a mommy always knows something bad has happened or is happening. As I'm leaving the kitchen to find my son I see him holding his behind looking at me with horror. You guessed it! HE didn't make it. His stomach seemed to have exploded all over himself, the floor, and the bathroom. By the time the "incident" was all over we'd both stepped in it, touched it, cried, and yelled at each other. And boy did he STINK!

So when all was calm and smelling like dial soap I asked him, "Why didn't you just go to the bathroom?"

"I wanted to know the last clue."

"What clue?"

"Blue was about to find the last clue."

"You mean you went to the bathroom all over yourself and our house to see a clue on Bluesclues?"


Note to self: Ban Bluesclues from my house.

When was the last time YOU put something off and it blew up in YOUR face or house? LOL!


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